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IN MEMORY - Condolences to family and friends

1-29-2018 Jim Mederer passed away. Jim became a member in 1995 with a speed of 242.002. RIP

1-24-2018 Bob Duncan passed away. Bob entered the club in 2006 with a speed of 201.477. God Speed.

1-21-2018 Sadly we have lost another member of the club. Gary Allen became a member in 2002 with a speed of 236.768. Gary also served as past President of the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association.

1-18-2018 We are sad to report another passing. David Casteel entered the club in 1991 with a record of 258.378. He later entered into the 300 Chapter with a speed of 305.607.

1-17-2018 With sadness we report the passing of Gary Heffner. Gary entered the club in 2010 with a speed of 220.953 and later updated his speed to 240.558.

12-3-17 Dennis McNeil passed away on November 24th. Dennis was 54 years old and got in the club in 2008 with a speed of 266.426. He later upped the record to 273.393 MPH. Rest in peace Dennis.

12-3-17 Albert Turner passed away in September. Albert got in the 2-club in 1992 with a record speed of 221.238. RIP Albert

10-24-17 Henry Louie passed a couple of weeks ago. Henry got in the club in 1992 with a record speed of 204.383. God Speed.

10-20-17 We learned of the passing of Roy Lewis. Roy got in the club in 2002 with a record speed of 226.596. He later updated his speed to 306.816. May he rest in peace.

10-7-17 Nick Mays passed away in August. Nick joined the club in 1990 with a speed of 215.629

Jim Mederer
Bob Duncan
Gary Allen
David Casteel
Gary Heffner
Dennis McNeil
Albert Turner
Henry Louie
Roy Lewis
Nick Mays
Ernie Pereira
Bob Sellers
Chuck Small
Bob Duarte
Bob Nakonieczny
Don Rackemann
Pat Kinne
Bill Brooks
Lance Morris
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